• - Selection of high potential projects
  • - Building of an investment strategy for each project
  • - Deep analysis and evaluation of investments' reliability


Alliance Digital Fund


The international financial organization, whereby it involves having investment partnership by transferring the investor’s assets into the fiduciary management of the fund.

Foundation comprises professional traders, consultants and analysts. Our partners always have the opportunity to interact and communicate with representatives of the Alliance Digital Fund team.



40 000€

Minimum investment


Projects for investing


Fiat projects

  • Goal

    • Hunting for the new projects and solutions
    • Increase of investors' assets
    • Profit-making by the effective asset management
  • Value

  • Mission

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Investment directions

Real estate investments

Investing in real estate is considered as a long-term and as a very profitable direction...

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Investing in real estate is considered as a long-term and as a very profitable project. Purchasing real estate for the purpose of its subsequent lease is one of the best ways to make money.

Though, investment in construction carries certain risks. For an ordinary person it is quite difficult to understand all the nuances of investing in real estate all by himself. It is more advisable to hire a consultant or a lawyer to minimize the risks in the process of investing money. The Alliance Digital Fund provides efficient methods for searching and evaluating the most profitable residential and commercial real estate in EU countries for subsequent purchase. Our consultants will help to save your time and to prevent you from investing in risky real estate, as well as entering into contracts with unscrupulous real estate developers.

The key to the success of this segment is the constant increase in real estate prices. And the stability of the political situation in the EU countries is a guarantee of the long-term cooperation and the construction of an investment-attractive niche for investors.

Alliance Digital Fund strives to ensure that each of our partners is always satisfied with the work done by the fund and the resulting profits, which will be our mutual success!

Digital Assets Trading

Invest in digital assets by entrusting the management of your assets to professional market participants...

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Trading is focused on a constant increase in profits by purchasing an asset at a low price and prompt subsequent sale at a more soaring price.

The Fund ensures the safety of all the trades done, the development and the use of already existing investment instruments for the eventual establishment of profitability.

The specialists and partners of our fund are provided with constantly updated information on the profitability of trading with certain digital assets.

Investing in


The activity of this area is to search, analyze and attract the most promising projects for investing...

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The activity of this area is to search, analyze and attract the most promising projects in the fields of the energy industry, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology and genetic engineering, IT infrastructure, virtual and augmented reality.

We provide the comprehensive assessment of the business idea viability, identification of the monetization key point. Moreover, we provide recommendations to improve the existing business plan of the project and recommendations in its implementation.


in Art

Art objects have a unique, timeless cultural and educational component recognized worldwide.

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In an era of market instability, investors are seeking for alternative ways to preserve and grow their assets. One of them is Investments in art.

Painting, sculpture, decorative and applied arts, these are all magnificent objects for the interior of the house, objects for a private contemplation and great enjoyment of this object possession.


in Wine

The main goal is to increase the market value for supervised wines.

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The Fund's investment strategy is to achieve a long-term growth of capital through the natural price escalation for fine investment-level wines and other wine-related assets.

The Fund will buy and sell wines in the most favorable conditions, all decisions will be based on a thorough analysis of the wine market. The Fund's main assets will be wines, which are under the control of the Fund, although the Fund may invest in vineyards and other related to wine investment tools.
Alternative business areas
The strategy is to finance companies engaged in exchange and over-the-counter trading of resources.

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The investment strategy of the Fund is to finance companies engaged in both exchange and over-the-counter trading of resources, those resources can be either bioresources (fish, seafood) and raw materials (coal, oil, gas, timber).

The Fund is engaged in the financing of business and the operating capital replenishment of large, experienced and reliable trading companies in various sectors of the trades and the countries of the world.



Total amount of funds raised on the crowdfunding market,

billion dollars